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- Vox Power Ltd designs and manufactures innovative and unique modular and conduction-cooled AC/DC power solutions for the global medical and industrial market sectors. Applications include critical healthcare devices, automation equipment, laboratory diagnostic equipment, computer and communication equipment, control and measurement equipment. A distinct competitive advantage is offered through a commitment to market-leading design capability, miniaturized footprints, uncompromising quality, and expert customer technical support.

Vox Power’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is ISO9001, 14001, and 13485:2016 (medical device production) approved and FDA registered. They combine leading manufacturing techniques and processes with the latest equipment to ensure consistent quality. Full traceability is offered with finished product information linked back to all initial raw materials. Vox's manufacturing capability has passed the most stringent quality and detailed factory audits.

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NEVO+1200 Series 1200 W Configurable Power Solution

Vox Power’s NEVO+1200 series configurable power solution delivers 1200 W in a compact 6” x 6” x 1.61” package weighing only 1.2 kg when fully configured. Learn More

NEVO+600 Series Configurable Power Supply

Vox Power’s NEVO+600 configurable power supply is well-suited for demanding industrial and medical applications where size, power density, and weight matter. Learn More

VCCM600 Series Configurable Power Supply Chassis

Vox Power’s VCCM600 series delivers a nearly silent 600 W with a modular and configurable (conduction, convection, or forced air cooling) architecture. Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of Vox Power's Hi-Pot Type Testing

Hi-Pot Testing and Instructions

This Application Note was written to provide insight into the one time requirement for ‘type’ testing of power supplies by the safety agency or manufacturer. It will assist in the interpretation of requirements for this testing and provide broad guidelines on exactly what is required of the manufacturer in this test procedure. This application note is written primarily with regards to Class I power supplies that have a safety earth ground. At the end of the document there is a section that outlines the differences for Class II power supplies. Learn More

Image of Vox Power's Remote Voltage and Current Control

Remote Voltage and Current Control

This Application Note was written to provide insight into how to set up and control the output voltage and/or current of NEVO+ configurable AC/DC power supplies. This application note shares proprietary software designed by Vox Power Ltd which can be used by our global channels and end users. Learn More

Image of Vox Power's Sharing Current Across Units

Current Share for Parallel Connected Series Output

This Application Note was written to provide an insight into issues surrounding the parallel connection of two or more power supply units with series connected output modules. Learn More

Image of Vox Power's Single Output Module Controls

Single Output Modules Common Pin Connection

This Application Note was written to provide an insight into issues surrounding the connection of the common pin (COM Pin) for all output module control applications. Learn More

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