SF-2923HC-C and SF-2923UC-C Series SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses

Bourns' high-current and ultra-high current fuses offer great reliability in harsh environments

Image of Bourn's SF-2923-HC-C/UC-C Series SinglFuse™ SMD FusesBourns' SF-2923HC-C and SF-2923UC-C series SinglFuse SMD fuses utilize a robust ceramic cube housing with silicone insulation and a single fuse-termination element, enabling the devices to achieve higher inrush current withstand with greater reliability in harsh environments and more effective fusing action when opening. Both series are UL 248-14 listed and designed for use in a variety of power applications including lithium-ion battery packs for power tools, electric assist bicycles, battery energy storage systems (BESS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution units (PDUs), blade servers, and a variety of other applications that require high current, high voltage, and high-breaking capacity.

The SF-2923HC-C and SF-2923UC-C series address the growing need for effective circuit protection in a variety of applications including high-power battery systems, telecommunications and networking equipment, PCs and peripheral devices, server farms, portable memory, handheld electronics and gaming systems, robotics, smart appliances, and industrial controls. Bourns' SinglFuse SMD fuse products are RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

  • Single blow fuse for overcurrent protection
  • Ceramic cube housing design
  • EIA 2923 footprint
  • Surface-mount packaging for automated assembly
  • UL 248-14 listed
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Power tools
  • Electric assist bicycles
  • BESS
  • Blade servers
  • UPS
  • PDUs

SF-2923HC-C Series SinglFuse™ Fuses

תמונהמק"ט יצרןתיאורדירוג זרם (אמפר)I²t התכהכמות זמינההצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VDSF-2923HC20C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VD20A108.000000מיידית - 1000הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VDSF-2923HC40C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VD40A416.000000מיידית - 990הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VDSF-2923HC50C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VD50A1750.000000מיידית - 994הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VDSF-2923HC30C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 HIGH-CURRENT 60VD30A207.000000מיידית - 980הצגת פרטים

SF-2923UC-C Series SinglFuse™ Fuses

תמונהמק"ט יצרןתיאורדירוג זרם (אמפר)I²t התכהכמות זמינההצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC30C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD30A270.000000מיידית - 1000הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC40C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD40A416.000000מיידית - 980הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC50C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD50A750.000000מיידית - 1000הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC60C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD60A1260.000000מיידית - 990הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC80C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD80A3110.000000מיידית - 970הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC100C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD100A7560.000000מיידית - 1000הצגת פרטים
SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VDSF-2923UC20C-2SINGLFUSE 2923 ULTRA-HIGH-I 80VD20A108.000000מיידית - 1000הצגת פרטים
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