TM11 Series Modular Connectors

Hirose's subminiature, LAN modular jack connectors are designed for CAT5, EMI-protected jacks

Image of Hirose's TM11 RJ-45 Modular Jack Hirose's EMI-protected modular connectors have been developed from the TM series connectors to resist noise. Designed to comply with the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) 68 standard, they range from standard parts to EMI-protected parts. They are also highly operable and resistant to severe environmental conditions to ensure customer satisfaction with shielding performance.


  • Fast Ethernet support
    • Conforms to the TIA/EIA-568-A data wiring standard and meets requirements of CAT5 transmission performance for 1, 2-3, and 6 conductor pairs. As such, these products fully support fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX) transmission
  • Subminiature design: 11.5 mm x 15 mm x 17.5 mm
  • Built-in optical indicators
    • Integral part of the connectors, saves space on the customer’s board
    • Compared with LED-type indicators, optical indicators do not emit any electrical noise
  • EMI protection
    • Metal shield covers the outer surfaces of the connectors to assure complete protection against electromagnetic interference
    • Built-in multiple shield and ground contacts assure reliable connection with the mounting panel as well as with the mating connectors
  • Environmental considerations
    • Plating is lead-free
  • Meets requirements of FCC title 47, part 68, subpart F
  • Telecom hubs
  • Routers
  • Bridges and ATM transmission equipment
  • Ethernet switches and networking equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Medical diagnostic equipment


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CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A SHIELDEDTM11R-5C-88(50)CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A SHIELDEDמסוכךנועל לוח, עצרי לוחמיידית - 5747הצגת פרטים
CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A SHIELDEDTM11R-5M2-88CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A SHIELDEDמסוכך, אצבע להגנה מפני הפרעות אלקטרומגנטיות (EMI)נועל לוחמיידית - 13387הצגת פרטים
CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A SHIELDEDTM11R-5M2-88-LPCONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A SHIELDEDמסוכך, אצבע להגנה מפני הפרעות אלקטרומגנטיות (EMI)נועל לוח, סיב תאורהמיידית - 5073הצגת פרטים

Jacks with Magnets

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CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTM11RD-5TANA-A-88CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-Tמוביל לוח, נועל לוחמיידית - 102הצגת פרטים
CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTM11RD-5TANA-A-88-LPCONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-Tמוביל לוח, נועל לוח, סיב תאורהמיידית - 276הצגת פרטים
CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTM11RD-5TANA-A-88(40)CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-Tנועל לוח0הצגת פרטים


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CONN MOD PLUG 6P6C SHIELDEDTM11P-66P(50)CONN MOD PLUG 6P6C SHIELDED‎6p6c (RJ11, RJ12, RJ14, RJ25) ‎IDCמיידית - 928הצגת פרטים
CONN MOD PLUG 8P8C UNSHIELDEDTM11AP1-88PCONN MOD PLUG 8P8C UNSHIELDED8p8c ‏(RJ45‏, Ethernet) ‏IDCמיידית - 617הצגת פרטים
CONN MOD PLUGTM11APA1-88PCONN MOD PLUG8p8c ‏(RJ45‏, Ethernet) ‏מלחץמיידית - 12הצגת פרטים


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