Otii Development Tool for IoT Energy Optimization

Qoitech's development tool gives customers an easy way to see what drains the battery in their products

Image of Qoitech Otii Development Tool for IoT Energy Optimization (click to enlarge)Otii is a developer tool designed by Qoitech that simplifies measurement and analysis of energy consumption, enabling energy optimization for long battery life of IoT devices and apps. The Otii solution includes a compact and portable measuring unit, the Otii Arc, and an easy-to-use, comprehensive desktop app for Ubuntu, Windows, and macOS. The Otii UI is intuitive and allows for real time analysis, making it easier to see what drains the device's battery. The Otii Arc acts both as a power supply to the tested IoT device and as a current and voltage measurement unit, allowing for a compact and easy-to-use setup for developers, anywhere in the stack.

Features Applications
  • Easy-to-use desktop application for Ubuntu, Windows, and macOS
  • Quick install, plug-and-play setup; start measuring in less than a minute
  • Compact, portable, and quiet; does not require lab environment so can be used anywhere
  • Designed to be used by any developer throughout the stack
  • Continuous system level current and voltage measurements
  • Current auto-range for 0.5 µA to 5 A, with sample rate of up to 4 ksps
  • Subsystem current and voltage measurements via ADC in the expansion port
  • Power supply with output voltage range of 0.5 V to 3.75 V when USB powered, up to 5.0 V when powered with optional DC adapter
  • Measurements continuously synchronized with debug logs from the device under test, collected via UART in the expansion port
  • Recordings can be synced with external debug logs in post processing
  • Real time analysis; scroll, zoom, and select parts of the current consumption and debug logs while measuring
  • Record and compare multiple recordings
  • Share the recordings for additional measurement or view
  • Made in Sweden
  • IoT sensors and hubs
  • Mobile phones
  • Wearables
  • Development boards

Otii Development Tool

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OTII SOLUTION ARC + STD LICENSEOTII-ARC-001OTII SOLUTION ARC + STD LICENSEרשם-נתונים אנאלייזר הספקמקורות הספקה DCמיידית - 54הצגת פרטים

Associated Parts

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ARDUINO PRO MINI 328 3.3V/8MHZDEV-11114ARDUINO PRO MINI 328 3.3V/8MHZמיידית - 880הצגת פרטים
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