Image of Intel's Enpirion EM2130 Fully Integrated 30 A PowerSoC Synchronous Buck Converter

Enpirion® EM2130 Fully Integrated 30 A PowerSoC DC-DC Step-Down Converter

Intel® FPGAs

This module will introduce Intel’s footprint compatible EM21xx family of 20 A, 30 A, and 40 A PMBus compliant integrated inductor point of load modules. The EM21xx family is designed with a digital architecture that helps reduce bulk capacitor count translating into space and cost savings in the design while improving reliability. There will be a review of features and benefits as well as a discussion on some key performance metrics.
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DC DC CONVERTER 0.7-1.325VEM2130L02QIDC DC CONVERTER 0.7-1.325V1מגשמודול PoE לא מבודד, דיגיטלימיידית - 1130הצגת פרטים

Eval Boards

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EVALUATION BOARDEVB-EM2130L02QIEVALUATION BOARD0.7V ~ 1.325V30A1‏, לא מבודדמיידית - 34הצגת פרטים
EVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2130H01QIEVB-EM2130H01QIEVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2130H01QI1.35V ~ 3.6V30A1‏, לא מבודדמיידית - 6הצגת פרטים
EVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2130L01QIEVB-EM2130L01QIEVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2130L01QI0.7V ~ 1.325V30A1‏, לא מבודד0הצגת פרטים
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