Image of Octavo Systems OSD335x C-SiP System-in-Package Family

OSD335x C-SiP System-in-Package Family

Octavo Systems

Welcome to the Octavo Systems OSD335x C-SiP™ System-in-Package Family product training module. This presentation will provide an overview of System-in-Package, or SiP, technology and benefits. It will also introduce the OSD335x C-SiP™, A Complete, System-in-Package including technical details, example applications, and benefits to designers. Finally, this module will review the development tools and software available to get started.
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תמונהמק"ט יצרןתיאורסוג מודול/לוחמעבד ליבהמעבד-עזרכמות זמינההצגת פרטים
IC SIP BASED ON TI AM3358 400BGAOSD3358-512M-BASIC SIP BASED ON TI AM3358 400BGAMPU ליבתARM® Cortex®-A8, AM3358NEON™ SIMDמיידית - 149הצגת פרטים
SIP SOM AM3358 512MB DDR3OSD3358-512M-INDSIP SOM AM3358 512MB DDR3MPU ליבתARM® Cortex®-A8, AM3358NEON™ SIMDמיידית - 350הצגת פרטים
21MM 256 BALL BGAOSD3358-512M-BSM21MM 256 BALL BGAMPU ליבתARM® Cortex®-A8, AM3358NEON™ SIMDמיידית - 899הצגת פרטים
OSD335X-SM EVAL BRDOSD3358-SM-REDOSD335X-SM EVAL BRDפלטפורמת הערכה‎MPU‎ARM® Cortex®-A80הצגת פרטים
IC SIP ARM A8 21MM 256BGAOSD3358-512M-ISMIC SIP ARM A8 21MM 256BGAMPU ליבתARM® Cortex®-A8, AM3358NEON™ SIMDמיידית - 452הצגת פרטים
AM3358 512MB DDR3L 4KB EEPROM TPOSD3358-512M-ICBAM3358 512MB DDR3L 4KB EEPROM TPMPU ליבתARM® Cortex®-A8, AM3358NEON™ SIMDמיידית - 19הצגת פרטים
AM3358 512MB DDR3L 4KB EEPROM TPOSD3358-512M-BCBAM3358 512MB DDR3L 4KB EEPROM TPMPU ליבתARM® Cortex®-A8, AM3358NEON™ SIMD0הצגת פרטים
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