NXJ2 Series DC/DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions' isolated SMD converters offer increased product reliability and repeatability of performance

Image of Murata Power NXJ2 Series of DC-DC Converters The Murata Power Solutions NXJ2 series is a range of lower-profile, fully-automated manufacture surface-mount DC/DC converters. The NXJ2 series automated manufacturing process with substrate embedded transformer offers increased product reliability and repeatability of performance in a halogen-free, iLGA-inspectable package. The NXJ2 series’ industry standard footprint is compatible with existing designs. These converters have an MSL rating of 2 and are compatible with a peak reflow solder temperature of +260°C as per J-STD-020. Major markets for the NXJ2 series include industrial control, medical, telecommunications, industrial automation, and audio power requirements.

  • Lower-profile
  • UL60950 recognition pending
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, 2 MOOP, and 1 MOPP recognition pending
  • 5.2 kVDC isolation 'hi pot test'
  • Substrate embedded transformer
  • Automated manufacture
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Halogen-free
  • Motor drives/motion control
  • Solar inverters
  • Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
  • Battery powered systems
  • Process control systems

NXJ2 Series of DC/DC Converters

תמונהמק"ט יצרןתיאורסוגמספר היציאותמתח - כניסה (מינ')כמות זמינההצגת פרטים
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WNXJ2S2405MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 5V 2Wמודול מבודד121.6Vמיידית - 113הצגת פרטים
DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2WNXJ2S2415MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2Wמודול מבודד121.6Vמיידית - 69הצגת פרטים
DC DC CONVERTER 12V 2WNXJ2S1212MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 12V 2Wמודול מבודד110.8Vמיידית - 182הצגת פרטים
DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2WNXJ2S1215MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2Wמודול מבודד110.8Vמיידית - 603הצגת פרטים
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WNXJ2S0505MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 5V 2Wמודול מבודד14.5V0הצגת פרטים
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