YB/YB2 Series Pushbutton Switches

NKK Switches’ YB/YB2 series feature a flat button surface for easy cleaning and a custom legend to ensure an intuitive user experience

Image of NKK Switches' YB and YB2 Series Pushbutton SwitchesNKK Switches' YB and YB2 series are the ideal solutions for those seeking sleek, reliable switches. Both series are available with panel sealed options (IP65 and above). Illumination is a distinguishing feature of these pushbutton switches, including matching indicators for increased design flexibility. Both series feature a flat button surface for easy cleaning with a cloth and custom legends to ensure an intuitive user experience in fast-paced situations.

  • YB series height (above panel): 8.0 mm (guarded)
  • YB series illumination: five colors; full face or spot illumination, bicolor LED available
  • YB2 series height (above panel): 1.8 mm
  • YB2 series illumination: five colors; full, outer ring, or half mirror illumination
  • Wide variety of LED illumination colors, including white, green, blue, red, and amber
  • 100,000 operations minimum electrical life
  • Prevents the entry of fluids with the splash-proof IP65 rating
  • Sleek design featuring a black or brushed chrome bezel color
  • Crisp actuation feel for reliable operations
  • Power rating: 3 A
  • Custom legends and wire harness support for simple use and installation
  • UL or CSA rating available
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Broadcast
  • Transportation
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