BUF802 Wide-Bandwidth High-Input Impedance JFET Buffer

Texas Instruments' 2.3 nV/√Hz open-loop buffer is ideal for data acquisition systems (DAQ)

Image of Texas Instruments' BUF802 Wide-Bandwidth High-Input Impedance JFET BufferTexas Instruments' BUF802 is an open-loop, unity gain buffer with a JFET-input stage that offers low-noise, high-impedance buffering for DAQ front-ends. The buffer supports DC to 3.1 GHz of bandwidth while offering excellent distortion and noise performance across the frequency range. The BUF802 can be used in a composite loop with a precision amplifier in applications that require higher precision performance.

The BUF802 uses an innovative architecture to simplify the design of high-precision, wide-bandwidth composite loops. The adjustable quiescent current pin enables designers to trade bandwidth and distortion for a lower quiescent current, making the buffer device suitable across a wide frequency range. The BUF802 has integrated input and output clamps to protect the device and its subsequent signal chain from overdrive voltages.

  • Large-signal bandwidth (1 VPP): 3.1 GHz
  • Slew rate: 7,000 V/μs
  • Input voltage noise: 2.3 nV/√Hz
  • 1% settling time: 0.7 ns
  • Input-impedance: 50 GΩ || 2.4 pF
  • Capable of driving a 50 Ω load
  • Adjustable quiescent current for power and performance trade-off
  • Integrated input and output clamp with fast overdrive recovery
  • Voltage supply range: ±4.5 V to ±6.5 V
  • Oscilloscope front-ends
  • High-frequency DAQ
  • High input-impedance and high slew rate T&M systems
  • Oscilloscope encoders and front-end add-on cards
  • Active probes
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)

BUF802 Wide-Bandwidth High-Input Impedance JFET Buffer

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WIDE-BANDWIDTH, 2.3-NV/HZ, JFETBUF802IRGTRWIDE-BANDWIDTH, 2.3-NV/HZ, JFETJ-FET1דחף-סחב (‏Push-Pull)מיידית - 1621
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