Image of Littelfuse Sensing and Reliability Solutions for IoT Control Units

Sensing and Reliability Solutions for IoT Control Units

Littelfuse Inc

This presentation will show how a smart thermostat can be commonly applied in IoT Control Units.

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FUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 63VAC/VDC04371.25WRAFUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 63VAC/VDCמיידית - 1783הצגת פרטים
FUSE BRD MNT 1.5A 63VAC/VDC043701.5WRAFUSE BRD MNT 1.5A 63VAC/VDCמיידית - 3947
Factory Stock - 99000
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FUSE BRD MNT 2A 63VAC/VDC0437002.WRAFUSE BRD MNT 2A 63VAC/VDCמיידית - 5975הצגת פרטים
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FUSE BRD MNT 3A 32VAC/35VDC0437003.WRAFUSE BRD MNT 3A 32VAC/35VDCמיידית - 4078
Factory Stock - 9000
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FUSE BRD MNT 4A 32VAC/35VDC0437004.WRAFUSE BRD MNT 4A 32VAC/35VDCמיידית - 8485
Factory Stock - 12000
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FUSE BOARD MNT 375MA 125VAC/VDC0437.375WRFUSE BOARD MNT 375MA 125VAC/VDCמיידית - 4497הצגת פרטים
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FUSE BOARD MOUNT 1.25A 63VAC/VDC04371.25WRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 1.25A 63VAC/VDCמיידית - 2400הצגת פרטים
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